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  1. I have been looking into some novels of Charles Dickens already and I must say that they look pretty interesting to read. I think I'll get some of his books as they look the most appealing to me and my prefered style.
  2. I'm currently learning Latin in school, and it can be harder than you think. Everything is pretty much straight forward but that in itself can be a problem sometimes. You have a lot of words for example that are only different by one letter and then they're in a completely different time, or change meaning. We don't get any vocabulary questions any more any way, every test where we need to translate a lot of words we simply get a dictionary. The focus is more on grammar and the culture of the Romans.
  3. My studies are going well, thank you. I'm currently trying to improve my french listening skills, so I'm trying to get better at understanding what was spoken in French instead of what was written. Unfortunately this forum doesn't offer a lot when it comes to actually speaking the language, but maybe that will be something to include in the future.
  4. Hello, I'm already a native speaker in Dutch however as an assignment for school we have to read some good books. I'm in fifth grade (high school) and I'm wondering if any of you know of some good books I can read. This is more of a question for other native speakers, but if you know a good book and you don't speak Dutch natively go ahead and post it here. I personally like books about action, adventure, fiction and mystery. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, Although I'm Dutch I've known how to speak English since I was three years old as my father taught me. However, we've recently gotten an assignment from our English teacher at school. We have to read an English book that matches your current reading skills. Now I want to know if you could recommend some good books written in English that I could read for this assignment. I like books with action, fiction, adventure and / or mystery. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey, At my school I'm currently studying Latin and I was wondering, why not add a section for classical languages such as Latin or Ancient Greek? It would certainly be interesting for others too as Latin is sort of the mother language of all other languages. Just a small suggestion. So what do you think?
  7. There are actually a lot of words that are the same in Dutch and English. Here are a few: auto means auto bank means bank but can also mean couch tent means tent blank means blank And there are a few words which look really similar: soep means soup ballon means balloon aap means ape deur means door persoon means person And so on. However when it comes to grammar, it's a different story completely.
  8. Hallo, Hello, Bonjour, Salve! I'm new to the forums and I thought I should introduce myself. My real name is Quincy and my native language is Dutch. I live in the Netherlands. I'm 18 and thus still in school. I'm currently learning French and Latin, as those are required subjects at my school. I'm pretty much fluent in both my native language (Dutch) and English. I'm hoping to learn some new tricks and tips to learn some new languages, so yeah I'll see you all around the forum!
  9. I'm not engaged or married or anywhere near that, I'm only 18, but I do know what I would like to learn my children once I have them. I think I would simply learn them my native language, but English as well. English is very important in the world and I think that in order to really be able to show your potential to the world you should be able to speak English. Also I think I would help my children learn the languages they have to learn for school. Not that I would want them to be fluent in them or anything, but just enough so they can get good grades, because I for one have been struggling with learning the languages we have to learn for school so I'm going to do the best I can to help my children through that.
  10. All the time, I've learned to speak English very well but if someone asks me what a certain word is in my native language I usually can't come up with it. I mean, its like there is a clear division in my head between the two languages. Every time I speak English, everything I think about is in English, but once I've switched to my native language I can only speak and write in that language. I can quickly switch between the two, but not use words from one in the other.
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