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  1. I'm Australian so I don't fancy our accent very much (I can't even hear it!) I am quite a fan of British accents. It relaxes me and I love how some British people don't pronounce the 't' in somethings, I don't know.. aha.
  2. I read fast in my mind but moderately when I'm saying it out loud, aha. I don't know but I still always get the story even if I read too fast. I get intrigued by books but it's such a hassle getting comfortable when reading one!
  3. Thank you! It's actually quite nice. I started learning Japanese yesterday so It's a good beginner one. The layout is simple and plan so definitely not distracting. Also I learned how to write out some Japanese letters. Thank you so much for this decent app
  4. I'm 18 now and I only know English, is anyone out there kind enough to recommend some languages that are good to learn? I'm still confused about what I want to learn. I'm pretty dead set sure on Italian but none others. Also I'm just learning Japanese (started yesterday) so yeah !
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