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  1. I see it goes hand in hand with another book? Anyway, I'll go for the second hand. I thank you for your invaluable input
  2. I think this makes it simpler to use. So, just like I'd use a Fullstop to make the end of a sentence and the beginning of the next, so should I use a Semicolon?
  3. Isn't Latin the language some Roman Catholic priests conduct the mass? If yes, I want to learn it just to know what they say the whole time they utter latin... I'd love to learn latin for other reasons too
  4. I plan to visit Dutchland one day and a bit of the language may come in handy once I'm there. If anything, it sounds more or less English which makes it easy to master
  5. I've been looking for a soft copy of this book (a free PDF download) without much success. Do you know of any or I'll just have to buy the hardcover copy from Amazon?
  6. I suggest we do skype i.e. if you are interested and comfortable. What language are you teaching me in return?
  7. 'There are those clothes I don't like; the ones made of cotton'. Did I use the semicolon correctly in the sentence? I thank you for your help thus far
  8. I'm a freelance SEO and Academic writer but my main problem seems to be punctuation. Apparently, I do not know when to use a semicolon instead of a comma which has seen some of my SEO articles returned for revision or rejected altogether for gross grammatical incompetence. Believing this is the right forum and section, I hereby put forward the question: When should I use a semicolon instead of a comma? Thanks a bunch for helping out.
  9. I didn't know of Duolingo until now. I also want to know french but at my convenience and thought an app would do. Sadly, I didn't see any. Going through the Duolingo site now. Thanks @Trellum
  10. I must admit that I'm glad to join this forum. It looks like I'm going to learn more than six international languages without the need to sit in class for months and spend a fortune. In the same spirit I'm willing to teach anyone basic Swahili to use during your safari in Kenya or any other Swahili speaking country. I'll also be interested in learning your native/national language. Just so that we are clear, Swahili is my national language and not the native one. comment if you are interested.
  11. Wow! It appears that have decided to simplify learning German. Though I've never stepped into any German class, I now have the idea of how to how to say 'Good Morning' and the most important 'I love you' phrase Sadly I don't know whether my proncounciation is anything closer to German let alone the fact that I don't have the idea where some characters are on my keyboard. Thanks for sharing!
  12. I've just visited the site and must say there are some helpful resources there. Just curious, do you know where I could take any of the internationally recognized English Tests and get Certified for free? I ask this because I've been a victim of misleading sites that encourage one to take the a grammar test and even send your results only to ask for payment for the certification. I'd really appreciate any helpful resource/link
  13. I believed this is the right forum to ask this question. I signed up for French lessons (for fun) about two months ago without much success. Meanwhile, I had been going to some Bible College. The problem (at least according to me) is that the lecturer is always referring to Greek and Hebrew texts and giving meaning that at times I find 'untrue'. When I objected to one definition (not because I know a thing about Hebrew but because the explanation wasn't contextual) he said I should go study Hebrew/Greek. Should I study Hebrew and Greek for this reason. If yes, what am I up against (just how difficult can learning these languages be? Your advise is highly appreciated. Disclaimer: I'm new here so, simply overlook my mistakes
  14. It is as if you knew what I was going through my mind! Well, asking about the correct use of 'Loose' and 'Lose' was going to be my first question on this forum shouldn't have captured it. I've had my articles rejected oftenly because of 'silly mistakes' only to find that I used 'loose' instead of loss. I think that after reading most of the responses, I'll never make this mistake again.
  15. Hi, everyone I'm Samson from Nairobi. I just can't start explaining how I feel privilege to join this group. I love learning new languages and believed that this forum will satisfy that need. Anyway, English is my second language though I'd much love learn German, Espanol, French and Arabic. I promise to contribute positively to the growth of this forum.
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