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  1. My primary methods for learning Japanese at this time are Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone has been useful for vocabulary and hiragana, but Pimsleur surprised me with how quickly I was picking up phrases and sentences from anime and the like. I thought it would be like the Michel Tomas method, which I wasn't very impressed with. Has anybody else compared the two or used one that could give their opinion as well? I have been learning Japanese for about a month now, so it's possible Rosetta Stone improves in later units.
  2. I have been learning hiragana using Rosetta Stone. It's not my primary method of learning Japanese, but it's definitely been useful for vocabulary and hiragana. I honestly haven't even looked into learning it any other way, mostly because I'm more focused on speaking and understanding at this point. It surprises me how quickly I do pick up the characters, though.
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