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  1. If it is not something I am graded on I would leave it. I tried to learn Russian before and everything was going fine until finals came and them I left it and never got back to it. I am not sure what you are learning, but for me Russian was something I was learning for fun and I thought to myself, Russian would never help me get a job or anything and so I stopped learning it. If it is something important to you then I suggest keep going. I used to study a little before I went to bed and then a little before school.
  2. I started learning English when I was 10. That is the age that I moved to America. I did not know any English and had to go to school. I had no idea what was going on when I was in school because I could not understand. Eventually the teacher helped me with the alphabet at first. Then I started picking up on other things and then eventually I could speak English. It took me about two years from scratch.
  3. I think that I overuse "LOL" when I chat with friends. I think I use it to show that I am joking and am not seriously when I want to make a sarcastic comment. I think that everyone is overusing it as well. At work we have this messaging platform and even my manager would write LOL pretty often.
  4. I think correct grammar is not very important when you chat with friends. We have a Skype chat with a bunch of friends and I do not think it is very important to use correct grammar there. You would not wear professional attire and act professionally when you hang out with friends. I think it is only important when you write papers for school or you interact with people you do not know online. It is certainly very important to do it at the work place.
  5. The longest I have spent studying a language I would say would been around two hours. This was in High School when I was learning German. Just like any other class in school, I would get bored if I spend anymore. Maybe this is why I do not know much German.
  6. I am not sure if this counts, but I know both English and Bulgarian. My girlfriend in Bulgaria did not know English so we had to use subtitle on movies we watched. There have been times when I was thinking to my self, this has nothing to do with what her just said.
  7. In Bulgaria, we had to start learning a language in the 3rd grade. When I moved to the USA, we took a couple of weeks learning German, Spanish, and French in the 7th grade. That way we can make up put mind of what we like best. Then I took four years of German. I know some German but not a lot. I think if you go to Germany you will learn it way faster. It took me 2 years to learn English when I moved here.
  8. I agree that people do not forget their native language. I was born in Bulgaria and know how to speak Bulgarian but am not very good at writing. I know other Bulgarian families who have had children here and even their children speak Bulgarian. I think it depends on how you grow up. If everyone is the house spoke English then there is no way the kid would know Bulgarian. Thankfully, we speak Bulgarian in my house and I go back every summer . When I was younger I used to forget some Bulgarian words so if you do not use it you might lose it. I also think it depends on Age. I moved here when I was 10 and only went to school in Bulgaria till the 4th grade and ever since I have learned the English language and grammar. I think that is why I cannot write in Bulgarian so well.
  9. I definitely have an accent. I was born in Bulgaria and moved to the USA when I was 10 and I have an accent so thick that sometimes people can't understand me. Also, when I go back to Bulgaria, people say that I have an English accent speaking Bulgarian because I have been here so long. :cry:
  10. If I could learn a new language it would German. I did take four years of German in High School and always had an A but I still do not know it. I am from Bulgaria and I already know English and second best language to learn would be German. I believe it will open up some job opportunities for me.
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