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  1. I suppose the first step is admitting you have a problem. My native language is English, but I've always had a passing interest in other languages, and I've only recently taken foreign languages more seriously. I've studied just enough Korean to be able to read, write, and pronounce words in Hangul, and I was shocked how simple of a system it was! The actual words and meanings will have to come in time. Though, having gotten that far, I might pursue Mandarin instead, as there are more folks around me that speak it. I'm also seriously intrigued by Hebrew and perhaps some form of Arabic. Look
  2. It is something that should be taken seriously.. I wonder how a company manages to break into a foreign market without someone native to that market saying something about it. Nevermind all the names that are already offensive in foreign languages they know nothing about. Have you ever been to Germany, Rosa? You'd probably by suprised to see folks wearing climbing gear by a company called Rasclat. Wii-U, that stinks.
  3. Somewhere in Vancouver, BC there's a Fu King restaurant and a Yu Kee restaurant. These ones really take the cake, though. :amazed:
  4. If Rob Ford's exceptional drunken fluency in Jamaican is any indication, you might be on to something. The "neuroplasticity" effect of alcohol consumption might be worth noting, in that for as many brain cells as it kills off, the potential for new pathways exists. I might prefer the newer research that says "If you want to remember something, drink coffee right after studying it."
  5. Those are great, in addition to the common greeting, 안녕하세요 (Annyeong Haseyo) It's a little more challenging, but eventually rolls off of the tongue, and even if it's the only Korean word you know, it's almost always appropriate to use. It could be misleading though, especially if you get a response in Korean.. Now, how do you say "I don't speak Korean" in Korean?
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