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  1. I've been in this situation before. My grandma didn't know any English and my dad's friends came back from the US. I needed to translate every single word.

    However, it was fun and I was only 14 then. They said I had a very good English.

  2. You should firstly watch a movie in a foreign language with the subtitles on. It will help you a lot to understand the expressions and the accents.

    Once you've watched a few films with subtitles, try to disable them. See if you can understand what the actors are saying. Just don't struggle too much with it. It won't help you at all.

  3. I've never done that. My palms are always sweaty and I won't be able to decipher what I wrote down on my skin.

    However, I did write a few notes in my agenda when I was really busy and I had very long days. They weren't only the routine things to remember, but also different information from school, such as English Tenses.

  4. It's a very difficult thing in my opinion. Not only that it requires a vast vocabulary, but you also need a lot of self confidence. Personally, I've never tried such a thing even if I had the chance.

    Maybe one day, I'll try it too. Maybe I'll also succeed. However, I find it very difficult to have a relationship with a foreign partner unless you master her/his language.

  5. I would debate different topics with my students (if I were a teacher). Depending on their English level and their age, I'd open different types of debates, starting from day to day things and ending with religion vs atheism, political debates or philosophy.

    This way, I'd understand a few more things about their personalities and they would learn that language more easily.

  6. I have never tried learning another author's language. However, I have tried to make my own language and alphabet with the help of my friends (of course).

    This has happened 4 years ago. We would talk every day in our new language and nobody understood us. It sounded a bit like Russian and people would ask us if we swore at them in Russian.

    Unfortunately, we have never built a grammar basis and that language slowly died.

  7. There are various ways of learning or adopting a new accent. I experienced some differences in my accent after my visit to Ireland. I'm not a native english speaker but I got used to their accent and I managed to adopt it.

    Another experience was when I travelled to Transylvania, Romania. I live in Moldova and our accent is slighlty different in comparation to the Transylvanian accent. In my opinion, the best way of learning a new accent is by living with speakers of it.

    There is no better way of learning an accent except by living among the people that are using the respective accent. If you have a talent in learning languages, you only need a little bit of auditory intelligence in order to learn such a thing.

    To me, a single month in Australia has improved my English accent. There are a few easy to learn accents such as the aussie one. However, it's quite difficult to learn any kind of accent unless you are at least at the intermediate level of learning the language.

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