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  1. I have heard scince i was little " yeah that would go well like a fart in church"- in reference to saying that something is a bad idea "peer homework help"- to say that someone is cheating "white lie" or "fudge" - to describe lying "in the family way" - to say someone is pregnant lol
  2. My boyfriend, also my babys father speaks spanish to his family-he is puerto rican and dominican. I only speak english, so it sucks on my end. I know some words but I can not understand what he is talking about when he talking to his family. This really bothers me, not because I think he is saying bad things but because I can not interact with his family because they do not speak english well. I need to learn spanish but I have no idea where to start, and he will not teach me.
  3. Do some of you like songs that are not in your language and you have no idea what they are saying but you like the song anyways? Maybe because of the beat or the way the persons voice sounds?
  4. Is it possible to pick up an accent without going to a different country where they speak the language? Or actually being around anyone that is native to whatever you are trying to learn? I would love to have a spanish accent when I speak it but I just cant seem to get it down.
  5. How much would an average everyday person working an office job get paid for being able to speak english and spanish? Both are very common in the USA. I would think you could get paid more for knowing 2 launguages.
  6. What is a good age to start teaching your baby another language besides their own? My daughter is latino and american. Her fathers family does not speak english well at all and my family does not speak anything but english! She needs to learn both fluently. Any suggestions? Also what would be a good program for me to use for her? Her father is horrible at trying to teach her he just gets frustrated.
  7. I am looking to get a tattoo for my daughter. What are some good quotes to represent ones love for their child?
  8. What is the best language learning program that you have used or heard of? I am learning spanish and really need the extra help. I need something cheap and simple.
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