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  1. By media I mean literature, music, movies, tv shows etc etc. There's a lot of French media that interests me, although I can't use a lot of it yet since I'm only a beginner. I do listen to music, audio books and podcasts though to help me learn. With Hawaiian, the other language that I'm currently seriously studying, there's very little media available. However, I love the language and culture so much that I don't mind that it won't be particularly useful for me. There's many other languages I'd like to learn but I worry that because I'm quite picky about what media I'll read/watch/listen t
  2. kate23


    I thought I'd update this thread with some links I've found to be helpful with learning Hawaiian. These are really helpful because the word lists either have audio or they're spelled out phonetically. http://www.forvo.com/languages-pronunciations/haw/alphabetically/page-12/ http://hawaiian-words.com/common/ http://hawaiian-words.com/home/essential/ http://wikitravel.org/en/Hawaiian_phrasebook#Pronunciation_guide http://www.eyeofhawaii.com/Hawaiian/hawaiian.htm More words and expressions (sadly no audio/phonetic spelling) http://www.mauimapp.com/moolelo/hwnexprns.htm http://www.alohafriends
  3. Definitely the grammar. I find it a lot easier to remember pronunciation and spelling than I do with remembering all the grammar terms and rules and everything.
  4. I think fleur is very pretty. It means flower, and it's also a name. Plus: Noir = black Rouge = red Magnifique = magnificent
  5. I know that people say not to try to learn a particular dialect or accent of French when you're studying the language because then you'll be limiting your resources. So, is it easy to learn a different dialect or accent once you've got a good hold on French? Is that something that people commonly do?
  6. For me, it's speaking. I find it takes a little practice to get the pronunciation right with French. Although, with Japanese it's definitely writing/reading. But I haven't really studied Japanese yet, just learned a few words, so obviously I haven't learned the script or anything yet. Pronunciation doesn't seem too hard though.
  7. I'm not studying Icelandic yet but I really want to in the future, it's a beautiful language and I love to listen to Icelandic songs (one of my favorite songs right now is the Icelandic version of "You can't take me" from the movie Spirit ). I don't know of any good resources though, I've just seen some sites and youtube videos when googling something about Icelandic.
  8. I agree that you're never really done but I think that once I get to B2 in the languages I'm currently studying (which is French and Hawaiian, for the most part) I'd consider that to be the end point of official studying. After that I'd just continue to communicate and read/listen to media in those languages. I'd still technically be studying as I would still be learning and increasing my skills through communication and media, but that would then be the point that I put more focus on other languages on my 'hit list'.
  9. Does anyone else have to look up what a lot of grammar terms mean? I notice that on this forum and other language forums everyone can easily talk about and understand grammar. I couldn't even remember what basic grammar terms, such as vowels and verbs, meant even though we did study them in school and I always did well in English class. So I've been having to look these things up constantly, I keep a tab open on a glossary of terms. I keep mixing things up and having a hard time getting a good grasp on these things. I'm finding it a bit confusing and it's definitely slowing me down on studyi
  10. I seem to have a particular interest in the more uncommon languages like Hawaiian, Latin, Scottish Gaelic, Irish, Welsh, Cornish (I like Celtic languages as you can see!) etc. Anyone else the same way? I know that a lot of people say it's pointless to learn uncommon languages but really it can also be pointless to learn very common languages - it completely depends on your motivations and plans. I don't believe it's ever pointless to learn, though. For me, learning languages stems from a love of the languages (way it sounds/looks) and/or the cultures. If I never meet another person that spe
  11. I'd love to learn Romanian one day. It sounds very different from other Romance languages. Kind of like a mix of a couple different languages. It's fairly difficult and there's some other languages I'd like to learn first but it's definitely one I'm considering for the future. I remember when I first heard of Romania, it was mentioned in Harry Potter because Ron's brother Charlie was studying dragons in Romania. I just remember thinking the word sounded cool and exotic sounding. At that point I wasn't even sure if it was a real place or a fictional place, lol.
  12. Yeah, I think it just triggers something. Like how music can be an opening into being interested in the culture and language of a country. It's also just purely about being exposed to the language. For instance, last year I read the book Speaker for the Dead and there was a lot of Portuguese in it and that piqued my interest in Portuguese. I just hadn't given it a lot of thought before.
  13. My brother, who's studying Japanese, said he can't wait until he has dreams in Japanese and that made me think, when does that happen? How advanced do you have to be in the language you're learning for that to happen? And when it does, does it occur rarely or often? Is one dream sometimes in your first AND second language, all jumbled together? It's fascinating to think about! Anyone have any knowledge or experience of it?
  14. I'm trying to focus on mainly French and Hawaiian and I'm having some difficulty in doing so. Partly because I find so many languages fascinating, and partly I think because I feel like I've got an overabundance of passion, but am lacking aim. I think I need to sit down and figure out my plan for how to learn these languages and keep up with it. Anyone have the same problem?
  15. Definitely! I use 'lol' a ton, to the point that it feels funny if I don't say 'lol' for a few messages in a row. I feel like it's really useful - it lightens things, especially when you're talking to a friend you don't know too well, and can make blunt or neutral sounding messages sound friendly. It's like using a lot of smilies.
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