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  1. I am currently studying Italian in school. Although I don't live in an area where people speak fluent Italian, I feel that if I went to a place like Italy, I would be shy too. This is because although I've been studying Italian for a while, I can't roll my R's well among other things. I just don't want to appear like an uneducated tourist. I would want to be able to really connect with the locals. So although I don't actually understand your feelings, I think that I would if the situation presented itself.
  2. At my school, you are required to take a language. We were able to choose between Spanish, Italian, and French. Most of the people in my grade chose Spanish, but I didn't want to do what everyone else was necessarily doing. I had an interest in Italian culture, so I decided to take Italian. I am still taking Italian and I love it.
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    Hi, my name is Max. My native tongue is English and I am currently studying Italian. I love Italian culture and I hope to travel to Italy one day. I wanted to study Chinese but the class didn't fit into my schedule this year. My goal is to learn some Chinese over the summer and these forums look like a good place to help me with that.
  4. I first started learning a second language when I was in elementary school. There was a single Spanish teacher who would go to the different classes and teach the kids some of the language. Although I found the Spanish language interesting, I knew it wasn't for me. Later on, in middle school, when we started taking a language class, I chose Italian, and I am still taking Italian today.
  5. I am currently still learning my second language, which is Italian. I am learning Italian as a part of my school curriculum. In my school, it is mandatory to take a language. We could choose either Spanish, Italian, or French. I chose Italian because the culture interested me, and still does. Also, many of the kids in my grade chose Spanish, and I wanted to try something different. I also hope to one day travel to Italy, and be able to connect and learn from the locals there. I also love the differences between the Italian culture and mine.
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