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  1. I have difficulty with the French Rs too. I've spent half my time learning ways to get around them (eg pas souvent instead of rarement). I'll have to try the gargling technique.
  2. I recently watched Un Monstre à Paris for the first time in French (I'm not very well watched when it comes to French movies...). It was beautiful and although I had to watch it with subtitles (French) I was able to understand most of what was being said. It's really motivated me to listen to more French media and improve my listening.
  3. For me, understanding is the main goal. Grammar greatly aids this, especially when vocabulary is missing. If someone were to say, "where is the room with water?" it would be quick to understand that they mean bathroom. If someone were to say, "room is with water where?" it would be more tricky. In my opinion, I feel that people should keep grammar in mind and try to be grammatically accurate but it isn't the worst crime if they slip up. The main thing is to try.
  4. I live in the UK and I started learning French in year 7. I'm year 12 now but I generally say that I've been learning for 2 years. This is because year 7-9 were mandatory and we went at such a slow pace and didn't learn very thoroughly. Now I feel more confident and I feel that I could express myself passably in an emergency.
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