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  1. From what I gather, most of British English is just different spellings of some words. If I also remember correctly, there is no Z in the British Alphabet? I could be confusing that with something else though. Most of the words are pronounced the same in American and British English.
  2. I do not like the hand shake because people get really aggressive with it. It is the thing to do in America though. I too like the idea of bowing because it seems so much more respectful and polite. I think it turns into a power struggle some times when people shake hands.
  3. I have been reading written work from a lot of British people lately and have noticed some major differences in the way we spell and pronounce words. I was just curious if this creates confusion amongst those who are trying to learn English. One example is that Americans say "while" and people from the UK say "Whilst".
  4. Great question and for some reason I am surprised by the answer. I always thought that sign language was universal. I guess that was a false belief because sign language has probably been around in different societies just like verbal language and they had to create something by which to communicate with deaf people.
  5. Singing has been the most effective different way that I have learned words of a new language. Spanish specifically for me. Medical studies have also shown that singing is a good way for stroke victims to get their words back if they suffered memory or speech issues.
  6. I prefer to have a tutor because that person can sliw down the lesson if I am struggling with a word or concept, where as a class instructor cant. I find it horribly embarrassing if I do not catch on as quickly and I hate trying to speak in a class setting if I do not know what I am saying. I get embarrassed very easy.
  7. Sounds like a fun way to learn the words of another language. I really like the fact that it is a game so you can have some fun while learning. I don't learn things as fast when I am stuck studying from a boring text book.
  8. I think a lot is list in translation from one language to the next. It is said that the Christian bible list a lot if information when it was translated into modern day languages. For this reason, some religions do not allow for translation.
  9. I never really considered this before, but it does make a lot of sense. People tend to talk different ways dependent upon how bug or small their mouths are and so I am sure the same would go when pronouncing words in a different language. This is very insightful and makes me understand why I can't pronounce some Spanish words correctly.
  10. It is becoming more and more important to be bilingual in society these days. Employers like to hire people who speak more than one language so that they can translate and help out the country. For me, I think it is most important to know English and spanish especially. Arab languages are becoming important too as many middle eastern people are immigrating to the US.
  11. I love this question. I have never personally fallen in love with someone who speaks a different language, but have had a lot of fun listening to the way someone sounded when they spoke the language. I think this would apply mostly to someone moves to another country and spent enough time there to actually meet someone to fall in love with. I have never spent an extended period of time out of my country.
  12. This would be a very interesting language to learn because of the fact that it has so much history. I am not sure how practical it would be though. I am trying hard to learn Spanish, so maybe once I master that I will take on a little latin. I am not sure where all latin is spoken so if anyone knows, please enlighten me. I would need to know how useful the language would be before I learned it.
  13. Mexico borders us and so there are a lot of Spanish speaking people who come into this country. I think it is much easier learning this language because I get exposure to it more often than other languages. This way I can also be neighborly and help others out who don't speak english.
  14. I am actually not shy to do this. I would engage the person in conversation and let them know I was learning the language. If I was stuck on a word, I would ask for some help. Many people would take thus as a compliment.
  15. I did not find college language classes to be very effective because I was much slower to pick up on things than others in my class. It seemed like I struggled a lot more and the teachers seemed to whiz through everything. I do much better in one on one learning.
  16. If you live in the United states, it is most beneficial to know English and spanish. Some Arabic languages are probably good to know as well because there are a lot of middle eastern people moving here. Globaly, I think engine would be most important.
  17. I am one of those people that needs a lot of quiet in order to concentrate so a nice quiet room in my house suits me just fine. I have never quite understood how people can go to places like coffee shops when they are studying or listening to music. It is way too distracting for me, especially if I am learning a concept that is completely new to me.
  18. I totally agree with this statement to an extent. I have not been practicing my Spanish as much as I should lately and I forget some words to use when I try to speak it. The amazing part is that I still understand when someone is speaking Spanish to me. It is like the mind does a recall thing when I hear it, but not the same recall when I am trying to remember what to say.
  19. I am also unable to roll my r's and so I sound a little silly when I speak Spanish. It is something that you have to practice with over a long period of time. That is why those who speak a foreign language as their native language have such an easy time doing it; years and years of practice.
  20. As far as learning languages is concerned, I do much better in a one on one setting. I find that they go through the materil way too fast in classroom settings for me to absorb it.
  21. My favorite language would be French just because I like the sound of the words and listening to people speaking the language. My least favorite would be German because I can't pronounce the words right. I think it is because of all the Z's involved.
  22. This happens in my home from time to time, but it is more of a Fruedin Slip than using the wrong word because of the meaning in the language. I think it is just a matter of living with someone for an extended period of time and getting upset with them! Did the dish get put away?
  23. I'm not sure if it is the easiest language to learn because there are a lot of words that are spelled the same way, but mean something different. English seems to be becoming the world language though as it is taught in schools around the globe.
  24. Yes, one word translations works well with this program, but it deffinatley does not work if you are trying to translate multiple sentence text.
  25. I have a couple of coworkers who have used Rosetta Stone for Spanish and they seem to like it. There are videos and games you can play on there to help you learn the language. I am not sure how Chinese would work though, but I have heard good reviews of the product in general.
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