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  1. I was learning Korean, and I just copy and try and understand what they are saying in the Korean dramas. It's fun and make the drama more enjoyable. The only downside is that it takes a long time to get through on drama because I have to pause and go back multiple times.
  2. I think I have a slight accent because of the fact that my parents are not native and taught me things that stuck on. I came to Canada when I was 2 yet I started to learn English from my parent who had an accent and I also started to Speak Korean too. This probably caused my accent but it isn't too thick or anything but some people point it out at times.
  3. Thanks you. I will try it soon after I am less busy with things. I think something like a course would help me because it would help me focus on learning it constantly. I find that I lose focus very fast because I have no idea what to start with. Also sometimes it's too hard and I read way too slowly to understand what the word even means more over a sentence.
  4. I think it's writing because for me, I can learn to speak it better but have a hard time writing because they always have these tricks o exceptions that you have you have to remember but they sound the same. It gets really annoying at times. Reading I think is easier because you just have to get the gist of what they wrote but writing it yourself is a whole new area of trouble.
  5. I think I over kill it sometime but like how are you suppose the break the ice. It get awkward when you say something and they don't know how you said it because how you say it can change the meaning of the sentence. I use faces a lot too because back when I played this game, there was many people who would do this because if was fun. Now when I chat with people or text, I use faces so much. It's weird now but like it's a habit that I have.
  6. I want to be able to read and write so that I can read more of the webtoons. There are so many that sound cool but I can't read cause they don't translate them. I could also help others translate webtoons faster.
  7. I can understand Korean very well and speak it decently but I can't read or read. I want to be able to read them more because I want to read webtoons but I don't know where to start. I can watch korean dramas without subs and understand everything however.
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