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  1. Very! I am studying Journalism in college and we are inflicted with serious lessons and reminders about checking our grammars all the time.
  2. I also like to learn Korean since I'm into Korean dramas! Hangul is a bit complicated though.
  3. I never do it as much as possible, so I kind of get a bit annoyed. At times, there are words I misunderstand so I have to get back to them about it that only lengthens the time before the original message get answered. Plus, I feel a bit unimportant whenever people do.
  4. I love my native tongue but honestly, I'm more comfortable in writing English. I'm taking up Journalism and we write different stuffs everyday. I find writing in English easier to adjust to if I ever get some things wrong. Some languages are really hard to write because of various points one has to learn.
  5. That would be speaking. A few languages tend to have a different meaning on a few words once you get your tone wrong. And there are some that is written and spoken in a different way, Korean for instance.
  6. Aside from my mother tongue which is Filipino, I'm only fluent in English. I know a few words and phrases in French, Spanish and Korean but that's it. I really find language very interesting and I wanted to learn them more since I'm dreaming of backpacking around the world someday.
  7. I am so jealous. If I'd get to trade my mother tongue it would be totally for French.
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