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  1. It's great that you had a good time over here Trellum! I can really appreciate the fact that you want to learn to speak our language. I myself are wanting to learn Spanish and will be learning it at university starting in September. We could help each other out big time! Feel free to sent me a pm for Skype speaking/writing practice in Dutch - I'm sure I could help, and when I start Spanish, you can return the favor! Jay,
  2. The idea I get when speaking to people about learning languages, especially people with english as their native tongue, is that they won't even bother learning a new language. In this day and age, that's not really a requirement to live a good live so it's a valid point. Personally I'm convinced of the positive effects of learning another language, being able to communicate with more people, understand cultures better etcetera. Personally, as a native of the Netherlands, I'm willing to help someone learn the Dutch language.
  3. I am not sure what it is, but I really dislike this type of music. I can't stand to listen to 99.9% of all Dutch (that is, with Dutch vocals) music, it's just weird! I can't imagine how native English speakers like Americans or people from the UK perceive 'regular' english sung music. This particular song portrays a more traditional view of the country and it's music.
  4. Hello, or - hallo! I'm a dutch native, and would be happy to help anyone with questions about the language and/or culture. Fire away. Jay.
  5. Hi linguaholic! I'm a 20 year old Dutch male who is currently between university studies. I've studied communication for 1.5 years before I quit, it was not for me. I am now due to start Language and CultureStudies in September which I'm really excited for. In the first year I'll have to pick a language to learn, Spanish will be the language of choice. Heres hoping that I will be able to help others on here with English and Dutch, and maybe learn some Spanish along the way! Greetings, Jay.
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