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  1. Hey guys, I have some doubts, I hope you can help me understand these ones. Should I say: "I read an interview to (Name)" or "I read an interview with (Name)"? Also, is it: "I work in (Company name)" or "I work at (Company name)"? I'm having a bit of trouble with those two.
  2. Hello people! I thought this would be an interesting topic for conversation for this forum, since a huge part of american culture is all about movies and TV. I'll start, my favorite villain is Darth Vader from the Star Wars movies, I love the fact that he is so menacing but yet his story is not the one of a power hungry psycho but the story of a man who failed his master and had to live hating himself only to be redeemed by his son at the end, beatiful stuff. So how about you? Very curious to read what you have to say
  3. I voted no, because that's my honest opinion. But that being said, even though I think a language app shouldn't be your main source of information, I honestly think IT IS the main source of info for people starting to get interested in learning new languages, so in this case I guess real life is far from the ideal situation sadly. I think people really like the convenience of language learning apps, those people would not be interested in learning a new language otherwise, IMO they (the apps) will improve before people stop using them.
  4. Some great suggestions from the people in this thread, thank you guys, this is helping me aswell. One little trick i've found useful is trying to read Japanese magazines about videogames, they're super interesting so you have an incentive to keep translating everything in the article. I started with an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto. Of course this only works because i'm huge into videogames and well, Japanese media is full of interesting info about that, but i'm sure you can find something worth reading, I don't like manga because of the amount of slang they use. Good luck!
  5. This is an interesting question because, of the two languages i'm learning (French and English), French is way closer to my native tongue (Spanish) but since English is so readily available I has become almost impossible for me to not practice my english on a daily basis, so in the end French is the hardest language to learn for me. I wish there was an app to recommend good movies in different language to you based on what you want to learn.
  6. This thread is a bit old, but I think it is good to keep it alive, because not only it gets you thinking about learning more but it forces you to set goals for yourself in the future. I would say my 5 would look something like this: -Spanish (My native language) -English. -French -Japanese -Italian. I'm not sure about this one but it's so similar to Spanish that I feel like making the jump wouldn't be too hard.
  7. Thank you very much for this tip, mate! I stopped using duoling because I got to a point in my french lessons in which I felt like I was no longer learning but figuring out how to advance in the course, almost like a puzzle game. I'll have to give it a shot on PC, then. Do you know if the voice recognition should be trusted in these apps? I'm pretty sure my french is awful and I still managed to get pretty far.
  8. Jaja no sabia ese dato sobre Star Wars, muy interesante! Si tengo una mascota, es una perra, es una Schnauzer gris. Algo curioso sobre esa raza es que su nombre viene de la union de las palabras en aleman para "Hocico" y "Bigote" debido a que lo mas caracteristico de estos perros es que parece que tuvieran barba. No te molesta mucho vivir con un perro y una gata? No se pelean?
  9. That's a really good question. I would recommend researching movies that have won the "best foreign picture" category at the Oscars, like "The Secret in their eyes" Also, i've heard a lot on social media about this Netflix show called "Narcos" and i'm pretty sure you'd like it since you seem to like Breaking Bad, not 100% sure that this show is in spanish but i'm remember hearing about them casting all actors from South America, so i'm pretty sure it is in spanish. Good luck!
  10. I don't know if this qualifies, but the first one I read was the Harry Potter books because I didn't like the translations in my native language. Looking back on it, I only did it because I knew some basic english and wanted to read it as the author wrote it, but now that i give it some serious thought, those books really where worth reading, they helped me improve my grammar. Also, it doesn't hurt that those are great books.
  11. I did the most part of my learning listening to native speakers, it's the safest way to about it, otherwise you might end up in a "Blind leading the blind" situation where you imitate the mistakes of your teacher. However it is very true that when you discuss the language in a "meta" conversation with a person that is also learning the same language and comes from the same background you can end up with valuable knowledge, as in "I remember when I used to say X but you're supposed to say Y".
  12. I'm not sure if I understand your question, but i'll do my best to answer it: -You do the "rolling" R, when the R is at the very beginning as in "Radio". You also do this when there are two R's as in "Carro". -You do the "tap" when there is only one R, and it's not in the beginning of the word. Hopefully i've cleared things up for you.
  13. Yup! You just described me. Old school, with a book in your hands is the way to go. That being said I think there are some ways to, let's say, "enhance" your reading in ways that make the book feel more immersive. I like to read in a clear space, not on the tables/desk I use for work, it keeps my mind clear from distractions, but what really makes a difference is listening to music that fits with the theme/style of the book. I'm sure this is not a big discovery by any means but people know about it for a reason, it really works, makes the book come alive in front of your eyes.
  14. Como han mencionado otros, la mejor manera de perfeccionar si sientes que aun te falta algo mas de seguridad al hablar es leyendo/viendo contenido relacionado con algun hobbie o pasatiempo que tengas. De esta manera haces algo que te gusta con tu tiempo pero al mismo tiempo estas aprendiendo (potencialmente) mas del idioma. Y si al final no aprendiste nada nuevo al menos tienes el segundo nivel de interes ahi. Especificamente si te gusta el cine puedes ver peliculas en español, si te gusta el deporte puedes escuchar a los comentaristas en español, solo trata de ser creativo de como aplica
  15. I just love the Irish accent, it feels so outlandish and weird.
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