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  1. @Ariane You're welcome I will also add more advance vocabulary in future. @CrystalMarie Thank you. There should be something like this implemented in future. Precisely, when there will be more users I'm planning to create some system of learning progress comparison between users but I'm still thinking how should it work and what kind of interaction I could make.
  2. Thank you @Trellum for really supportive words - that truly boosted my spirit It's not always easy to find time but I try to do my best. I couldn't work on the website recently because I was super busy but I made some changes yesterday and added some new vocabulary.
  3. @Dora M - Thank you, I'm looking forward to hear your feedback and suggestions @GeraldH - I can't really answer your question because I've never used the website from your example. Nevertheless, VocabularySchool is not about flashcards but learning in practice through varied exercises. It is only and only focused on memorizing vocabulary and one advantage is that each word has always provided audio pronunciation and image representation which improves learning new vocabulary. Anyway the application is fairly new and there is only the base idea of the system currently implemented. It will gr
  4. Thank you @FosterTXT. Your idea is good and it could improve the database of available vocabulary. The thing is each word should have picture and audio file as well. But I will try to think about it - maybe users would only have to provide a picture and translation.
  5. Thank you guys for the positive response It's still the beginning so everything will improve in time and there will be definitely more vocabulary to practice. I'm almost done with the new layout - the site should look much nicer now. And I start working on the way of keeping track of the users' learning progress. About the flashcards. Yes, there were used flashcards in the option named: 'lesson' but it's just one part of the system. It should be more oriented on practicing vocabulary. By the way - there will be more advanced vocabulary as well (the learning method of learning it also will b
  6. Hello guys, I created a web application for learning vocabulary. It's still quite new and there are little over 350 foreign words but I'm keep working on it and keep improving it. I would like to know your opinion about it and if you think it could be useful for learning and practicing vocabulary There are six available languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Polish and Italian. Here's the address: Vocabulary School
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