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  1. According to Greek mythology, Persephone was Zeus and Demeter’s daughter. She was abducted by her uncle Hades ,who took her to Hell where they got married against the girl’s will. Once in Hell she was offered some fruit, but Persephone only ate six pomegranate seeds which bound her to Hell forever. Demeter, the goddess of fertility and agriculture, used to provide men with nice weather and crops, but after her daughter’s abduction ,she unleashed a never-ending winter. Thanks to Zeus, Demeter and Hades came to an arrangement; since Persephone had not eaten the whole pomegranate, but only six seeds ,she was still obliged to live six months with her husband in Hell, but she was also granted permission to spend the rest of the year with her mother on Earth. Because of Demeter’s happiness, the fields began flourishing again in spring and summer.
  2. Hi! Are the following sentences possible? 1)We consider ourselves professional. 2)We consider ourselves professionals. 3)We are considered professional. 4)We are considered professionals. 5)We are described as professional. 6)We are described as professionals. 7)We are referred to as professional. 8)We are referred to as professionals. 9) Some athletes go/ turn professional. I would use the adjective (1;3;5;7) to refer to someone who takes their work seriously and the noun (2;4;6;8) to refer to someone who does something as a job (with the exception of 9) where I chose the adjective over the noun). Could those sentences work on the basis of my interpretation?
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