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  1. Hello I present my blog of spanish lessons: http://bestwaytolearnspanish.co/ In my blog I compiled short stories and create short articles of personal development and add audio, a little vocabulary and the text obiusly. The new lesson is about the book "The Four Agreementes" Can you read and listen the lesson in: http://bestwaytolearnspanish.co/los-cuatro-acuerdos/ Thanks.
  2. Hi my name is Dennis, I am a native speaker of Spanish in Bolivia, I'm studying English with the method of AJ Hoge and gave me good result and it occurred to me to create a blog with free and audios to teach Spanish texts including short stories, life lessons and other interesting and motivational topics. Do not know if I'm doing a good job, I recorded short audio and tamben Audacity long at first and then with a decent microphone (microphone had a very poor quality). He wanted to know who watch more useful for a blog, just uploaded short stories or jokes like: http://bestwaytolearnspani
  3. Hello my name is Dennis, I am a english learner and native speaker of spanish, I am very happy to register in this forum and learn more about the englihs and help the people to lean spanish.
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