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  1. Thanks for the feedback lucibi22, I hadn't been thinking about difficulty levels, but it does make a lot of sense - would let people challenge themselves when they feel like it, or if they found the base activity too simple. Cheers, Kuchiplay
  2. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to check the apps out, or to give a reply to the original post. @ Sidney - 2 of the apps are only for android, but 2 others are android or Windows download, while the last 2 run on any web browser (phone, pc, probably even kindle ) @ Linguaholic Administrator - thanks for the advice, I won't be putting any posts like this in other sub-forums @ xTinx - yes, most of the material is beginner level / about the basics ... for anyone beyond that level, it won't help them build up their skill base, it might just be a nice way to relax on a commute, or
  3. Hi, my partner and I are studying app development. We could really use some feedback on a set of small, bite size apps we are working on - one set is for people studying English, while the other is for people studying Japanese. We think these free apps could be a nice way to chill out for somebody studying these languages ... a peaceful addition to your current study. These apps are available for Android phone and tablet through the google play store, and also for pc. The English activities are here at http://www.kuchiplay.com/#/relaxwithenglish-1-4/ The Japanese activities are here a
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