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  1. If for not the correct pronunciation alone, I am always hesitant to take any foreign language classes from a non-native. I've made this mistake before and when I was corrected by several natives, I ended up having to double-check everything the non-native teacher was teaching. I would rather have native pronunciation and less perfect grammar, than vice versa.
  2. All these tips are very helpful to me also, because I'll soon be doing my first private ESL tutoring job. It will be more than just once or twice a week as I'll actually be a live-in tutor. I'm already considering her interests and what she works with, in order to make it more relevant and fun for her. I'm hoping that will give me a good start with her.
  3. This is exactly what I do and for the very same reasons. Sometimes the other person will ask 'Isn't that what I said?' and then I will just point out that if they want to sound more like a native, they need to mimic my pronunciation.
  4. I would never trust Google Translate for something important. It works fine if the information is just for myself, but I wouldn't consider using it as a real translation to pass on to an employer or someone I want to impress.
  5. Also, I'm curious about something. Is there any region in Poland that has a particularly more difficult or easier dialect to understand for foreigners?
  6. Thanks for the list! I will try to use these next time I visit Poland.
  7. Turkish is such a cool language and the country is so very beautiful. I've watched a couple of different Turkish tv series and got very hooked on both of them. I would be interested in learning, but maybe not until next month.
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