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  1. Here are some things I found helpful during my training to become an ESL teacher. Firstly, it helps to consider all the different learning styles of your students. We were taught the VARK method: V = Visual. Powerpoint presentations, images, movie clips, etc. A = Aural. Speaking and listening practice. R = Reading. From books or exercises you prepare. K = Kinaesthetic. Get the class moving by playing some language related games. You can't always cover all of these in one lesson but you certainly can over the course of several lessons. Also, try to vary the focus in the class between teacher
  2. I'm Cornish so here's the Kernewek (Cornish) for you: Good morning - myttyn da - (mittin 'da) How are you? - Fatla genez? - (Fatla 'ghenez?) What is your name? - Pyth yu dha hanow? - (pith you tha 'hanno?) My name is John - Ow hanow yu John - (ow 'hanno you John) Stress marked with an apostrophe before the syllable. Pronunciation and spelling may vary slightly due to the nature of Cornish.
  3. Hello linguaholics! I'm greatly interested in the different idiomatic pronunciations throughout the Spanish speaking world and couldn't find much information on this forum. There are the obvious splits between Castillian Spanish and Latin American Spanish (the Castillian "lisp") but are there any others you know about that you can share? For example, I'm currently in Chile where they replace 's' at the end of a syllable with the English 'h' sound and 'd' frequently disappears when between two vowels so you hear "Muchah graciah", "loh pehcaoh" (los pescados) etc. This can be very confusing whe
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