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  1. sombra = shadow I learned this word when I heard it in several songs from my favourite band. They have songs in English and Spanish and when listening to Spanish versions that word kept coming up every so often.
  2. Memrise is one of my favourite resources and I use it on a daily basis. I've learned so much vocabulary and the fact that there are courses specifically for Spanish conjugation has helped me out a great deal! I use it both for Spanish and for refreshing my Dutch through a comprehensive Dutch course. My username there is Leese if anyone is interested in becoming Mempals
  3. Conjugation of verbs and actually forming sentences is my weakness. I can understand (when slowly spoken) and read decently, but when it comes to producing the language myself I struggle. I know lots of vocabulary now, but it's quite useless if I can't actually use it!
  4. Have you tried Memrise or Anki? I use Memrise for most of my language learning and I find it very useful. A lot of people prefer to use Anki, but I haven't tried it. Memrise is completely free and Anki is free on desktop, but you have to pay for the app if you use iPhone.
  5. Hola todos! Me gusta mucho viajar y conocer gente nueva. Me encanta escuchar música e ir a conciertos. También me gusta aprender español y he estado aprendiendo durante 4 meses.
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