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  1. Que tipo de corto historia fue? Fue el terminado feliz o triste? Una historia leo recientemente llama "Espuma y Nada Mas" pero yo olvido de autor de la historia. Me gusta este historia porque de terminado no fue esperado. Creo que el terminado no fue feliz o triste. Pero es un historia muy interesante.
  2. One thing that has been confusing me a lot is when to use the infinitive of a verb in a sentence. Does anyone have any useful hints? I've been making a lot of mistakes in my writing by using an infinitive verb after a conjugated one. But it isn't wrong every time I do it which makes me even more confused. Any suggestions?
  3. Hello! I am glad I've found this forum to help me learn and perfect my Spanish. I am currently a fourth semester Spanish student, however, I'd like to become fluent in the language. I'd also like to start learning another language, though I haven't decided which one yet. I look forward to interesting conversations with y'all and can't wait to get started!
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