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  1. Face 2 face! I believe the best way to develop your language skills is to actually interact with people! Of course, it would be awesome to do it with mother tongue speakers!
  2. @Dora: I personally think that when learning the basics its safer to go with professional tutoring..to avoid learning mistakes that could grow bigger and bigger, and negatively influence further language development. Once this basis has been acquired, I believe that exchanging knowledge with as many people as possible is an extremely versatile and useful tool to go deeper in the study of a language! (or any other subject, as well) During the last few years, I've been collaborating with an international team with the goal of building a web portal to connect people who want to share&learn a
  3. Hi everyone! What do you think of language sharing? Have you ever received language lessons from someone, sharing your knowledge about your mother tongue in return? I believe this is an extremely effective way of learning new languages! Its a clever way to trade something you already know for something you want to learn! I am aware that some people just aren't comfortable with this way of learning, maybe because of shyness or diffidence.. What do you think?
  4. Here's how I would do it: First, talk to Mr. Johnson. Then see the supervisor for the next meeting.
  5. I really like the word will. As in 'by maintaining a strong will, I am sure I can reach every goal in life'. Its a word that reminds me that things can be accomplished by keeping a strong and focused attitude!
  6. Hi! If you are interested in teaching and learning from other people then you might love iSKILLu! I hope you don't think I'm spamming! I believe this is going to be an extremely useful resource for someone like you and me, who loves learning new languages, obtaining new skills and sharing his own knowledge! iSKILLu is the world's first FREE platform for sharing your knowledge and learning new skills! It's free to join and use, & lessons can be in anything: Physics, Spanish, Philosophy, Singing, Business, Crafts, Math, English, History, Lucid dreaming, David Beckham studies, P
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