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  1. Hey! Well, I'd be happy to help you and/or give you some private lessons in french if you really want to learn. You can send me a private message or something to let me know if you are interrested. My first language is french, so I am more than fluant in it, and I love to see people that want to learn it. People will go towards other, more easy language, generally, so I am glad to see at least SOMEONE in thi planet cares about french. I'd love to give you lessons, tips and tricks, and maybe even help you practice speaking via skype or something like that if you'd like. Of course, if anyone el
  2. Hey everyone! My name is Florence, and I am fluent in english. Toutefois, ma langue natale est le français. Je ne viens pas de France par contre, mais bien du Québec. That's right, I was borned and raised in Canada! I would love to help out anyone with learning french, and I would also like, if anyone feels like helping me out, to learn spanish. I have no knowledge whatsoever of spanish, I am the most beggining begginer out there, and you have been warned :grin: N'hésitez pas à me parler, je ne mords pas! Bonne journée, et au plaiser :angel:
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