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  1. clod

    Tv Series

    Thank you for your advices Just to be clear, I use english subtitles... and since I am addicted with tv series I have started to watch some episodes without subs..it is ok with easy series ( like Once Upon a Time) but what about with the harder one? (With slang etc..) it's very hard to figure out the meaning of the words without reading.
  2. clod

    Tv Series

    Thank you for the answers I was thinking to bring forward the subs of 1 second, in this way, I would be able to read first and then, I will able to focus on listening, what do you think about that?
  3. Hello Forum, I'm an English learner, and I have been wondering if it is better watching tv series with subs or not. Do you have any suggestions? With subs I'm able to understand 95% of the episode, but without only a 60% / 70%
  4. Nowadays with internet you can do almost everything...Have you ever tried the online english speaking classes?
  5. clod


    Thank you for the answers, if I have time only to watch tv series or attend on online english speaking classes, would be much better to attend on classes, right?
  6. To live for a while in an english country (or other language, but in my case it's english), then I would come back in my country, do you think is possible "to keep fit" with the english only watching tv series in english with english subtitles? (about speaking and writing)
  7. Hi everybody! I'd like to ask a few questions 1) Do you need a lot of years before to see a movie in foreign language without subtitles? 2) Do you think it is important to reach that level? 3) is it possible without living in the country which you are studying the language?
  8. Hi everyone! I'm looking for a software that can be able to help me to check errors with grammar etc.. Do you have some advice for me?
  9. clod


    Englishtown is an online english school, and there is everything you need (courses + group speaking classes with a teacher, and each one is divided by level), but it's expensive, I pay 50€ each month, but it be worth.
  10. clod


    That website has only english movies and tv shows, but I'm sure that on internet you can find a website with movies in other language with eng sub.
  11. Hi everybody, I use that website to see the english movies with eng subtitle, plus if you click on the word that you don't know the meaning, immediately appear the meaning of that word in your own language. What do you think about that? Could it be useful like read a book?
  12. Hi everyone! I'm italian and I'm studying english What do you think about Babbel for improve vocabulary? I just finished Duolingo, now I was thinking if is better to stop use those apps and starting to read the books. Plus I use Englishtown and watch movie in english with sub eng or sub Ita.
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