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  1. Yeah exactly. Of course if I were in Spain or Mexico I would learn Iberian Spanish but fortunately people here tend to speak a little bit of the butchered version.I Remember when I did speak the proper Spanish learned in school being looked at kind of weird too haha... I've got a friend from Canada who said it's the same with french. French in France is perfect yet in other languages like Haiti, Canada, and the like it's broken down and simplified as well! Very interesting.
  2. Who is also using Rosetta Stone? Are you using Spanish or Latin American Spanish? Which do you prefer? Because I live in South Florida I chose Latin American as most people where who speak Spanish do speak broken Spanish, Spanglish and Latin American Spanish language. What I find also helpful is using Google Translate to learn speech and expand vocabulary but feel it's probably not very reliable but it still helps.
  3. No me gusta ir. No hay dinero para ir a un lugar agradable en este momento. Juego videojuegos en casa todo el tiempo y trabajo mucho.
  4. Mis platos favoritos son la paella española, arepas, plátanos para llamar a unos cuantos. Yo no como españoles comida tanto como me gustaría.
  5. Me gusta ver documentales, dibujar flores, jugar a World of Warcraft XD y cantar. Tengo una xbox también, pero yo no juego con él tanto. Cuando lo hice yo jugaba banda de rock mucho y en algún momento Left 4 Dead. Jaja ...
  6. I remember that show! It was on cartoon network a long while back. Haha...
  7. I live in South Florida and was taught Spanish in high school. I remember starting Latin American Spanish via rosetta stone realizing a difference. For me, Latin American Spanish is easier and less of a headache because Spanish spoken down here is Latin American or broken Spanish. It's like English here to UK English.
  8. I have to say my weakest points are speaking with confidence and female/male vocabulary. I have been using rosetta stone one and off over a few years only reaching the end of level 1 in Latin American Spanish recently. I chose Latin American because I live in South Florida aka North Cuba lol.
  9. Hello people ! I am learning Spanish with the use of rosetta stone and the Google translation app. I am almost at level 2 looking for help. I live in Florida. A lot of people speak Spanish here and I always wanted to learn to broaden my horizons and opportunities. The biggest problem I have now is speaking with confidence. It's very strange to speak a new language. My hobbies include singing, playing video games, watching documentaries and drawing. Thank you for your time! Hola gente! Estoy aprendiendo español con el uso de la piedra Rosetta Stone y la aplicación de traducción de Google. Esto
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