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  1. Mein ist ein Spaziergang im Wald. Dort finde ich sehr viele Schönen von die Natur. Was ist Anmut? einen Teil von Mut? Was auch immer es ist, finde ich etwas wie das dort rein.
  2. Really awesome thread and input given - much thanks. If I'm not mistaken, we're introduced to a new idea in the German that doesn't reveal itself in English. "Ich lese für einen Mann" . . . when you pointed out the correction to this sentence, I asked myself, does this sentence here actually mean the same thing as it does in English ? . . . or rather, is it instead like saying, "I read for/in place of a man" . . . using für/for in the same sense as, "he reads for a man, [so that they don't have to do it themselves]." Then, it's a new way of looking at it . . . "Ich lese einem Mann etwas vor" . . . is it not really saying, "I read something in front of a man" . . . implying, it is up to him whether he listens or receives the message or not? Really interesting, and just spectacular. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if not, then this language just reveals more and more impressive usefulness. What a beauty. The level of clarity and deference that I encounter in this language (German) is just amazing.
  3. I began learning German after I started studying books and material written by a Swiss man named Billy Meier. He writes a lot of auto-didactic books on many useful subjects but most of them are in German. So far, German really does expand many concepts so impressively and usefully. It's shown me whole new ways to view things I didn't give much thought into before. So I don't regret making the effort to learn it.
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