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  1. For those who are still looking for free ebooks, the best source IMHO is amazon.fr (French Amazon), there's a really good range of genres and most of the books are reasonably modern, so the language used in them is the same kind of French most of us are trying to learn. This is the page for kids' ebooks if you sort it by price from low to high, there's quite a few free ones on the top: http://www.amazon.fr/s/ref=sr_st_price-asc-rank?bbn=301137&qid=1425916699&rh=n%3A301061%2Cp_36%3A389154011%2Cp_n_binding_browse-bin%3A901116031%2Cn%3A!301130%2Cn%3A301137&__mk_fr_FR=ÅMÅZÕÑ&sort=
  2. When I was in school, I was considered to be good at languages, I wasn't that great, but we were mainly set using comprehension questions. My comprehension of written language is fantastic and always has been compared to the other areas, but I have always had trouble with understanding foreign languages when they're spoken and my pronunciation tends to be pretty bad as I can't roll 'r's and I have a bit of a lisp 'th', 'ff' and 'sh' all sound pretty similar when I say them, I also have a little trouble hearing the difference between 'th' and 'ff'. Considering I took Spanish, French and Germa
  3. I dont have much time to spend on learning languages at the moment, so I'm only focusing on French for now. I write the french vocab for things in my room on masking tape, then cut the words out and stick them on the objects. I try to do 5 words a day and write 50 words using the nouns and 5 words I have to look up before I go to bed. I also switched the language on my Nintendo DS to French, lots of DS games sold in Europe have a French language option, so I play my old games when I'm in the car or on the bus, I can't understand a lot of it, but I pick up a couple more words each week. *I u
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