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  1. Is there a French equivalent of the English phrases: She/He has a lot of front She/He has more front than Brighton The phrase can mean someone who has a lot of *cheek* Someone who is quite *entitled* and/or *overly self confident* Dans l'avenir je pose le question en Français mais il y a le vocabulaire plus spécialiste et je ne sais pas le phrase corrige en Français *mots* je ne sais pas le forme corrige en Français
  2. I've heard that some people learn languages by learning languages like Latin then studying languages that derive from that particular root. Has anyone else heard of people trying that method? If you've heard of people using that method what root language(s) did they use? Would you think there would be any advantage to that method over just learning a language then learning closely related languages? Has anyone ever tried learning more than one closely related language at the same time (I once met a guy who was trying to learn French, Spanish and Italian at the same time as they were closely related).
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