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  1. The earlier the kids are introduce to a second language, the easier and faster for them to learn it. Children are very good mimics. They can easily imitate the sound they hear, and then later you can teach them the meaning of the sound, which may then progress or develop to words and phrases. I wish I had the opportunity to learn a third language when I was younger. Right now, I am a little too busy with so many things that I am having a hard time setting time for my wish to learn a third language.
  2. I guess you are right, it may not be the best book to start with and that it would be better for me to get acquainted with the language first before enrolling in a class. And I should check the app mentioned above too. Plus I can also ask other members of the forum about this. Thanks a lot!
  3. Each of us have our own reason why we wish to learn a new second or third language. Some because of their plans to work abroad, or to better communicate with friends, while others study because of future travel plans. But for me, I would like to learn a third language to broaden my horizons. And I do hope that this can also help me increase my confidence level.
  4. I definitely agree with this method. If you remember when we were younger, or when we were still in the elementary grade level, there are teachers who make use of rote learning. This is a memorization technique based on repetition. The idea is that one can easily recall a data/object/material the more the person repeats it.
  5. Thank you! your words are so encouraging and giving me the support I need to help me take that first step. Thank you for your kind words and I'll try to set aside at least 30 minutes a day for this.
  6. I have been thinking for a while to study a third language and I am trying to consider several. First on my list is the French language. I have always love the sound of it. But I feel intimidated by it. I have bought a book - French Made Simple, but I can't find anything simple in it. It says something about its similarities with the English language when it comes to vocabulary but its the pronunciation I am intimidated. I am thinking of enrolling in a class but I just can't afford it at this time.
  7. I have the same issues. I prefer writing than speaking when I use a foreign language. Mostly, my reason is because when I write, I can spot my mistake and correct the same. I still have the time to correct myself. While if I am speaking, I have already blurted it out before I realized the mistake I have made. Much more, I also worry with my pronunciation.
  8. I guess it depends on the purpose of why you are taking the English proficiency test. For me, I will be taking the IELTS a couple of months from now for my plan of studying in Australia. They do require a certain band score in IELTS before the university allows me to enroll in the course I chose.
  9. No, I haven't experience the same yet. But if I do, I will probably not interrupt them too as I'll feel awkward about it and a little rude. I mean, they are having a private conversation and who am I to butt in, much more I am still in the process of learning the language. There are other ways of practicing the language.
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