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  1. You're welcome Leeshin12 Facility? You mean the virtual classroom? Yep there are online classrooms, it's where all courses are held.
  2. Hi Welkom, I suggest studying using Pimsleur. It's super effective. :>
  3. Same here. I'm interested in learning Chinese Mandarin with as much help/apps as possible. Will you guys please explain first the best way to integrate Doulingo with other apps/trainings such as Pimsleur, attending virtual courses, studying Mandarin translation books? Thank you!
  4. To Mandarin students, I wanted you to know that the company I'm currently studying Mandarin at is giving a live demo class on June 6, 2015 at Mynaparrot.com. But the regular classes will start on June 13, 2015. If you are interested, you can contact the company's email to get your invite code since it's pretty strict on registrations. The company has a virtual classroom where the classes will be held. So feel free to join. Let me know if you have any questions/difficulties, I'll see what I can do to help.. P.S. Attached is an image of the Mandarin Class I took weeks ago. :grin:
  5. "Learning principles" will you please elaborate? I'm kinda new to learning foreign languages. I mean I have moved from learning Korean to French and finished neither. I'm currently focusing on Chinese. Maybe I'm missing something that's why I immediately gave up on Korean and French. And so I can't give you tips but I'm asking you for them instead. :cry:
  6. That's really interesting. I find it hard to study 5 languages all at once. You don't get much benefit from spreading yourself too thin. I tried learning Korean and French around the same time. And I lost the will to continue with either. I think it was because I was also doing other things than that, and I got too busy and lost focus. But that's just me, there are people intelligent enough or determined enough to learn different languages together at once. If there are people learning 5 languages all at once, then I'd like to know their secret and where(program/website) they're doing it.
  7. I think mine started 2 years ago. Learning new languages was a to do on my bucket list when I was finishing off college. I started learning Korean and then French, but I wasn't at all serious. Now I'm working my way through Mandarin, and I'm feeling the passion. :grin:
  8. Well I'm currently studying Chinese. Yes, it's pretty tough to learn but the tougher it is, the more motivated I am. (In my case) Chinese is a good choice but also maybe Afrikaans?
  9. Hello I just wanna share one learning platform where you can teach a language course and it's called mynaparrot.com. If you are someone interested in teaching your native language or any other foreign languages you are fluent with, please don't hesitate to email the company and ask for an invite code. Apparently, the company is a spamming-free community so you have to ask for an invitation in. Anyway, this is just to share. Also, the company invites students too, if you'd like to attend language courses for $5/month, then you are welcome to join. The courses aren't delivered live through Sk
  10. Wow this is amazing. I'm taking Pimsleur's too but I'm still not taking it seriously. I will try again. Thank you for sharing your experience :>
  11. There are also online platforms where you can teach languages. I think it's a lot better than skype, since those platforms already have their own classroom and other gizmos.
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