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  1. Hello , I am 16 and fluent in Croatian (native) and semi-fluent in English (I'm studying it in HS so I think I should spend my free time learning something else). Now , as the title says, I can't decide whether I should study Japanese or whether I should study French. I studied Japanese last summer. I only learned the kana and stopped learning because of school. The thing is : my brain says French and my heart says Japanese. I love anime and overall Japanese seems really cool , but those 2000 kanji (at least) really grinds my gears! I don't have that great of a memory ,at least for details, and I'm afraid that I will just never be able to really learn enough kanji , or that it will take too much time which could be used for getting really good at both speaking and reading some other language such as French. But then again one of my flaws is that I mumble really, really a lot. And French pronunciation is so hard! I don't think I could ever cope with that. What should I do?
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