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  1. I also am from the southwestern U.S. Without getting too technical the Spanish in Spain did not sound anything like Mexican Spanish to me. It sounded like a mix of Italian and Arabic. It didn't matter that they used Vostoros or different words for things because I couldn't understand ANYTHING!!! I would say the difference in a standard Mexican Spanish accent compared to Span Spanish would be equal to the difference in west coast U.S. English compared to the thickest Scottish accent that you have ever heard. IT's totally different sounding.
  2. Hi everybody, I am new to the forum. I have been studying Spanihs for almost 3 years. To give you an idea of how much I study, I study at the local community college. I have classes Monday thru Friday, the last year all of the classes have been tought in spanish. By far the hardest thing I struggle with is my comprehending skills when people talk to me in Spanish. I thought watching some shows is Spanish would help. Any good recommendations for a Netflix show. I am looking for a show with not a ton of slang and clearly, slowly spoken Spanish. Any thoughts?
  3. Without a doubt my weakness is understanding when people talk to me (in my target language). I have been studying Spanish for 2 1/2 years now. I can pretty much say what I want to, it might not be perfect but i can communicate for sure. The scariest thing is when i speak to people they assume I will be able to understand them, therefore they answer back in super fast Spanish that sounds like one big long word to me! LOL!!!
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