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  1. If you like telenovelas or shows about teenagers you should check out Rebelde! It's a Mexican show and there are a lot of episodes so you can spend a lot of time getting used to the accents! There are also English/Spanish subtitles available.
  2. Hi there! I'm from the US and am fluent in English. I know basic Japanese and am almost fluent in Spanish. I've studied Spanish in Ecuador as well as Spain. I'm currently in Spain but traveling back home tomorrow. Next year I will return to Spain to become an English tutor which I am very excited about! I would love to learn German and Norwegian as well! I love being able to talk to people in different languages because it gives you a whole new perspective on others lives and cultures. Instead of being an outsider looking in, you can immerse yourself with the people in a way that isn't possibl
  3. I would love to learn German or Norwegian. I'm currenty learning Spanish (almost fluent) and Japanese.
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