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  1. Hello! I'm Venezuelan so I speak Spanish as my native language. A way to translate the passage is: What a wonderful occupation is to take the bus, get down in front of the ministry, break through the hits of envelopes with stamps, leave the last secretary behind, go inside steady and serious in the big mirrors office, exactly in the moment where a blue dressed usher gives the minister a letter. The thing is that the phrase you marked is a tricky sentence. You have to read it a lot of times to understand it. In the first moment that you read it you think that is is saying that he is rushing in
  2. Well the right translation is "Esto es Halloween", the subtitle says "It's Halloween" of course that changes even the letter of the song but not quite the "essence". I think that you should not trust the subtitles of Netflix, it has showed me that it is not so accurate so it is better not using it as a learning tool, maybe just for practice hearing like just seeing the movie in Spanish with English subtitles.
  3. One of the ways that I learned vocabulary in English was watching movies in English and reading the translation in the subtitles, I always thought that it helped me and my teacher always encouraged us to do so. After some time and practice I stopped using the translations as subtitles and started watching the movies with English subtitles so I could learn a little bit of orthography too. I think that is a fun way to learn a little bit more a language and to practice without knowing. I don't have English classes any more and I think that this has helped me to still have contact with English, wh
  4. I think that there will be always a little loss from the original essence when you translate something. There are always little jokes or language tricks that just don't work in a translation. Of course that doesn't mean that the translations are bad, it is just that sometimes there are no translations for some words so they have to let it out and change it. I speak 3 languages and for example there sayings in Spanish or jokes that just don't work in other languages, they wont be funny at all or they will just don't have sense for a person who doesn't know the original phrase. When you transl
  5. The third options is almost right, you just have to change it to plural because you are talking about two persons "Ni Olviver ni Antonio son latinos" if you want to add the ni, there are so many ways to say something in Spanish that sometimes it is hard for me to know if it's right or not (I'm from Venezuela and I speak Spanish as my native language).
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