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  1. Hi there! So I used to have so many Spanish friends online, we'd do language exchange sessions, but we rarely speak now, and l'm looking for a ''PLACE'' be it a forum, a website about anything, blog or anywhere really on the web to practise my Spanish! Is there any community like this on the web? I\ve been searching for waaay too long now, and I can't find anywhere like that! it's almost like all websites are suddenly English only!
  2. Hey guys! I was looking for language exchange partners to join me for a skype chat, writing or talking, I speak English fluently, and my Spanish level is intermediate, I used to teach English and Spanish two years ago, but l've forgotten most of my Spanish >,< Let me know if you're interested!
  3. Hi! I'm Irisveil, l'm new to this forum, my goal is to boost my Spanish level up to where it used to be 2 years ago! l used to teach English and Spanish but it's been too long that l've forgotten most of the both languages XD l'm also really looking forward to making new friends! So, l guess l'll see you guys around
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