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  1. Viki cannot sub Lakorns anymore due to copyrights issue. There are some fan clubs which sub in their private FB.
  2. I watch few Daras' lakorns. Mostly Nadech, Kimberley, Yaya, Mark, James Ma and others. I'm a huge fan of Koo Jins - MK and NY so I watch theirs along with JMa. While watching the lakorns with sub, I concentrate on what they are saying. That's how I've learned few sentences
  3. I'm glad to find this thread. I'm interested in learning Thai. I watch lakorns with subs. Unfortunately, now channels don't allow drama's to be subbed hence it's become a task to understand them. Look forward to learn Thai words through this thread. Thank you Victor Leigh and Picadilly I've learned few words like Nam, Khop khun, Kow chai, mai ow, mai roo, mai yom, fun dee, pai, fai and some more. I'm really excited to learn more. Thank you
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