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  1. Всем привет, I asked Yulia Amlinskaya, the founder of the Russificate school, to clarify some complex Russian grammar. Here are the answers. http://explorerussian.com/interview-with-yulia-amlinskaya-russian-teacher/ Yulia also gives tips on motivation, common mistakes, pronunciation and more. Enjoy, Angelos
  2. Yes, in Russia passport is definitely necessary. In Ukraine, it's not (at least in Kiev where I got a new number).
  3. Hi guys, I’m in Kiev, Ukraine at the moment and I thought to make a video about how to get a local SIM card in a mobile phone shop. You get into the shop. How do you ask for the SIM card? What sort of questions do you expect from the seller? I hope that in this video you’ll find lots of useful phrases. I’ve added both Russian and English subtitles. Watch HERE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CHWMysBmqc Best, Angelos
  4. Hi linguaholics, I'm passionate about the Russian language and I'm writing about how to learn it effectively on http://explorerussian.com I recently gave a talk at Oxford University on how to learn Russian with some unusual and powerful methods. You can watch my presentation here. On Explore Russian you can also download 10000 Flash Cards with the most common Russian words! Read here. Hope you find these resources useful! Thanks, Angelos PS: Thanks to linguaholic for giving us the opportunity to let people know about our language resources.
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