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  1. Ohh thank you for the tips! I've been focusing too much on writing kanji that I forgot I should practise katakana too. o: Also I found remembering ツ is easier since it appears a lot as the small ツ in words like レッ ツ . I think I'll try focusing on just ツ and ン since I remember one of my teachers used to say "just remember one, so you won't get confused." It was a tip for memorizing which mathematical formula to use to solve a chemistry problem, but I think it will help for something like this too haha.
  2. It does help me! Especially in learning vocabulary. I'm fully aware of how informal the way anime characters speak, so that's not a major problem for me. I tend to rewatch my favourite episodes a lot, and usually I turn off the subs when I rewatch. Sometimes I can even memorize the whole sentence of my favourite lines too. It is also useful since it helps me learn through context. Plus it's fun anyway! Learning in a fun way makes it easier in my opinion. Especially to get motivated.
  3. I've had this trouble since I started learning Japanese, and I saw some other members said they have the same problem too. I can remember which is which, but everytime they appear in a sentence I'll get confused and have to reread a few times to get the character right. It is harder when the sentence is handwritten too. Does anyone have tips on how to recognize the difference right away, and making it stick to memory?
  4. Hello all! I'm Aze, nice to meet you. I'm currently studying Japanese. I've only memorized a few kanji, and haven't fully grasped the grammar yet. I wanted to join a class when I was in college, but the only class that didn't clash with my schedule was full. So I've only been self-studying so far. Also, I'm not a native English speaker so I'm still learning to brush up my English language skills. I hope to meet lots of fellow learners here, and find helpful tips along the way. よろしくおねがいします!
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