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  1. Backup is something important and necessary nowadays, we live in a digital world full of risk to lose. In DucroZi Chinese Dictionary Android APP (search words with Chinese Pinyin, Chinese Character or English), there are two methods to save or backup your vocabulary lists in case there are some accidents. Method One: Swipe right to navigate the tools window (Swipe left is to exit the tools interface) -> Tap Import/Export -> Backup my Database-> Choose the folder where you would like to store the backup. (You can also rename the backup database name.
  2. Clarify simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. Every Chinese learner should know that Chinese includes simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, and Chinese has 4 tones and mysterious strokes. Maybe you can speak Mandarin, but you can’t read Chinese. Mandarin is a form of spoken Chinese, while simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are written forms. Have a right dictionary. There are many choices for the dictionary, you can buy a Chinese dictionary, or use online dictionary, or install a free Chinese dictionary app which you can search words via pinyin, English and Chin
  3. Learning Chinese requires a very good memory and hard work. When I started learning Chinese, I met new words in many situation, and the next day, once a new Chinese word showed up, and I asked a friend or teacher to explain it to me. The day after, I forgot it. Did it happen to you? Or when I went a trip in China, I met some Chinese and got some new words or phrases, but when I came back from trip, I forgot almost all the new words or phrases. Did it happen to you too? If yes, DucroZi is helpful for you. With DucroZi, if a new word shows up, you can search it and add it to your perso
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