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  1. Yes, nobody would be speaking perfect Russian after reading any book without practice. But the purpose of this book is to give fundamental Russian skills and knowledge of the structure.
  2. Hello, thanks for your interest to the quizz! I checked your result, you answered right, but there is my mistake in the quizz that I will fix now, thanks again for this notification! Unfortunately, in this quizz script for the website only admin can see full details in quizz results.
  3. http://russian-1000words.pw/ Lessons for beginners and more, ONLINE CHAT for practice, quizzes, radio, interesting blog with many language tricks and more helpful information
  4. The book "Russian language in 25 lessons" represents a course for a beginner as well as an advanced student of Russian language in 25 easy and understandable lessons of Russian essentials. The feature of the book is that you will learn the structure of the Russian language. Kindle and paperback editions (from 6.99$) E-book (pdf+fb2+mobi+epub) (3.99$) The lessons consist of such subjects as: Conjugation of verbs in present, past and future tense; Conjugation of the verb "To be"; Genders and plural; Prepositions an their usage; Cases of pronouns, nouns and adjectives;
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