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  1. I finally figured it out, it's Ukrainian. The transcription is "гиґі була молада, гиґі була щера, гиґі дала тент аренда за коволок сира". I hadn't known how similar Ukrainian and Polish are, but it makes sense that the two had slight mutual intelligibility; in the case of " za kawałek sera" and "за коволок сира". Thanks for helping narrow it down!
  2. Thanks for helping narrow it down more, this is starting to seem like either it is an obscure language or she has a very heavy accent in a more common language. I'll update if I get more clues
  3. Was the portion which you understood "za kawałek sera" at the very end? It is possible that her pronunciation is just very odd and it is indeed Polish, although I take your word that it isn't since you are fluent and I only know a few words.
  4. This is a song which my grandmother sung recently, she doesn't know the language. She said her mother taught her this song and said never to say it in public (maybe it is explicit or offensive, sorry if it is). Her mother was from Austria-Hungary and spoke the same language as her father from east Romania/west Ukraine if that is any help. I have consulted some Russian speakers and they said maybe it is Polish, and my grandmother suspected this as well. Thanks for any help! misclanguage.mp3
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