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  1. German T and D are different from Spanish T and D What are the technical phonetic terms of the classification of these letters T and D? That is : I want to know the technical terms - Dental / Fricative / Palatal / Uvular how they are classified. Help.
  2. I am from Kolkata, India. India is such a country where you become more or less fluent in at least 4 languages [ Mother tongue, Hindi(National Language), English] by the time you reach the end of high school and Bollywood songs teach us Urdu everyday. I always had an affinity towards Muslim culture, so learnt Urdu (reading/writing) and continuing Arabic whenever I get time. Learnt Italian - the only one easiest language of Europe because of its clear Phonetics. Italian led me to Spanish eventually - the most popular foreign language of the World. I became fluent in Ita
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