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  1. Actually that is a very thing I am struggling with now. My ancestors come from a long line of Cherokee. The only person in my family who now can speak Cherokee fluently is my Great Aunt, who I do not get to talk to very often. I am trying to find some way to learn Cherokee because that is a part of my family, a heritage I am extremely proud of. It is very difficult learning this language as it is almost dead. I would absolutely teach my children, if I can become fluent in it. Because i want that to be carried one. I want that heritage and part of my family to survive.
  2. Lol. When I am angry sometimes, I cannot speak. Depending on how angry or how quickly I was made angry, sometimes I can't even choke out a single word in English, which is my native tongue. I doubt I would be able to speak in another language if I were angry, unless that language had explicitly colorful language I could use easier than saying "WHAT IN THE [email protected]#$%?"
  3. Nooo. I found that Google Translate full sentences is usually very inaccurate. Not only that but most of time the context of the sentences could be way off, the internet does not understand context clues..
  4. For me it probably would be grammar and context clues, and proper tenses of words. A lot of languages also have masculine/feminine versions of words and different ways to say it properly. Sometimes all of those rules can get completely confusing. Also the lack of practice, not having someone to practice conversations with in a new language makes for a big learning handicap.
  5. How many languages to RS have? Does anyone know if they have the Cherokee language? I am Cherokee native, and everyone who knows the language in my family has passed away, and it was not passed on to my mothers generation, so I have decided to try and learn my families language via other methods.
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