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  1. Hello guys and girls, I'm Dávid, a 22 year-old Hungarian university student. I started learning English in 6th grade elementary school. I've been in love with the language ever since. My hobbies would include gaming and writing. I do most of my writing in English because I feel I could reach more people with it than with Hungarian, and of course it's easier to get criticism. I love spending time with my friends and having long conversations about life, faith or the lack of faith and a lot of other things. I hope I can get back to learning German this summer, so fingers crossed.
  2. Absolutely, I would! I think it's really important to learn at least another language apart from your native. I feel it helps to keep an open mind to things. If you know another language, you can be exposed to that language's culture. Take for example, Japanese. You could watch anime in original dubbing and notice things you wouldn't have otherwise, because they are lost in translation. Another important thing to understand is that children are much more susceptible to new things. Learning a language is much easier for them at a young age.
  3. It really does. When I'm angry at least. I just can't find the words and I keep repeating the ones I've already spoken. Then I get more frustrated because I can't find the right words. That's when I take a deep breath, otherwise I'd end up in an endless cycle. When I'm upset, not really. I might think a bit more to explain to someone why I'm upset, but that's all. When I'm drunk however, I don't know why but I speak much better when I've drank a few beers. Maybe, because I let go and just say what's on my mind. There is no block, if you get me.
  4. Funny enough, when I started studying Japanese my biggest problem was learning the Hiragana and Katakana. I even had a notebook dedicated to practicing them, which I still have somewhere. Sadly, I lost motivation and time to continue studying Japanese, but I'll come back to it somewhere down the line. It's really a beautiful language. I know it sounds dumb, but my original motivation to start studying Japanese was the Japanese version of Let It Go from Frozen. I heard it once and it was gorgeous. The language flowed so naturally.
  5. I did in elementary, not so much in high school. We were supposed to learn English at a higher level. but few of my classmates were not up to the challenge, to put it mildly, and we started with present simple. I took matters to my own hand and started watching a lot of movies and series with English subtitles and picked up a "few" phrases, sentence structures and whatnot. Then we started studying German in the last 2 years. Well, the teacher was bad and we didn't learn anything. Now, I'll try to learn it during the summer, seeing I live right next to the Austrian border.
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