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  1. i would like to know what are differences between Mexican Spanish and the Spanish that you learn from the books and other sources it seems everything i learned Mexicans don't use. daily Spanish seems to be much different from other countries.
  2. I asked my friend she said Mexicans do not use the alveolar tap and pronounce it just one way similar to rolling R but shorter and spain and a lot of other countries have both heres an example I'm curious about I thought up few words that I cant figure out regresar has 3 Rs cuerpo raro reaparecer recordar is there ever a time where there is more than one R in the word and they are pronounced differently R in the beginning of the word and tap the next R etc
  3. not sure why its in literature. is this correct section? can mods move it to proper section please?
  4. I cant figure out if its a rolling r or tap in which part of the word(beginning middle or end and when there are more than one R in the word can anyone explain please?
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