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  1. I didn't like that one very much. It's main emphasis was pronounciation. I've had the rhythym of the Spanish language for years, so I didn't need that. Also, I'm better at understanding and remembering things through reading. It might be useful to someone who prefers to learn by hearing things or needs to work on pronounciation. Additionally, the app didn't initially test where I was at. It just gave me some lessons. I liked the duolingo app much better. It gave me a test to determine where I am at. Also, it tested how well I wrote in Spanish and how well I listened to how something is s
  2. Hello. I am learning Spanish. I can help you learn English or practice Spanish with you. I do not know any other languages. I do not have Skype. I would like to communicate with you through email. Please write a response in this thread. Thank you.
  3. En un otro hilo dije tengo una gata vieja. Tiene trece anos. Ella te gusta dormir mucho. Me gusta jugar con ella. Mi mamá tiene un perro peqeno y marrón. El es un Brussels Griffon. Ella compró el a un rescate de mascotas. Su perro es muy inteligente y sabé muchas palabras. En la película Guerra de las Galaxias, Chewbacca y los Ewoks fueron diseñado mirar como los Brussels Griffons. ¡Amo mi gata y su perro mucho!
  4. Me gusta leer libros y escribir cuentos fantasias. Ademas, yo amo pintar, dibujar y tocar fotos. Otros cosas es practicarlo yoga. Yo voy al restaurantes con mi familia y mis amigas. Yo tengo un gata vieja. Me gusta a jugar a ella. Lo siento mi espanol es no bueno .
  5. I don't think I could do that. My father is from a different country. Even though he knew English before he met my mom, there were difficulties in communication due to cultural differences. In his country, the wife must always listen to what the husband says without question. Wives were to be only the ones to show affection to the children. After the marriage, important discussions about such things as money and raising children were impossible. I'm not sure how you would manage to have such serious discussions without the use of a translator. Marriage is different than just dating or f
  6. Thanks for posting that suggestion . I will go to the library and check out some tourist books. Reading in a foreign language is so much easier for me. I absorb and remember information so much better than when I hear it. So, for me, it's great to have different types of literature available for learning.
  7. Five languages I would love to learn.... Italian: This language is just so rhythymic it's almost musical. Polish:The language of my ancestors. Any Native American language, just to help keep it alive. Urdu: I would love to go to India Creole: I'm not referring to the French Creole spoken in Haiti. I'm speaking of the English patois spoken in the Caribbean by my relatives. Perhaps this is probably not an official language. Although it's based on English, it's about as understandable to me as the middle English in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.
  8. I love singing in other languages! It's a fun way to learn. I find I prefer songs sung in one of the romance languages best. This is simply because the words of those languages, even when spoken, have much more of a musical rhythym. When the movie La Vie en Rose came out, singer Edith Piaf became a favorite singer in our house. For me, there is something about singing in French that feels so much more romantic (Though I know people who have heard my voice think differently !) Did you know the Beatles have a song in a foreign language? No, not Michelle. It's much rarer than that popu
  9. Read children's books written in the language you want to learn. To some this may sound silly. However, I have found it to be effective for me for several reasons. 1. It's the very basics written in a fun format. 2. Reading a book provides less opportunity for embarrassment at my mistakes. 3. It's cheap if you can find that language at your library. 4. Some books will have an English translation on the next page. Try to test yourself first. No peeking!
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