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  1. Haven't learnt any Arabic personally, but I don't see why not. I'm learning Manx independently, and whilst it's supposed to be a difficult language to learn, I'm finding it quite easy. If you're as focused and intersted in both languages as you say, I don't see why that wouldn't play to your advantage - however you went about learning it. Big tip though: don't trust Google/Bing to give you accurate translations (particularly with Spanish).
  2. You're looking at 2,200 hours of learning for Arabic compared to 600 hours for Spanish (the time it's supposed to take for an average native English speaker to be fluent in those languages). Probably something worth taking into account.
  3. The closest languages to English in my opinion are Scots, Afrikaans and Frisian. English speakers can understand most of Scots, some of Afrikaans and a bit of Frisian without having previously studied them
  4. Decided to pick Spanish back up again recently, mainly for the practical/personal benefits: employment and general interaction. Also stumbled upon Manx which only a few hundred people can speak to a good standard, so I thought I'd be a bit different and go for that. Plus by learning Manx it allows for Irish and Scottish Gaelic to be picked-up fairly easily. I find Manx to be a lot more enjoyable than Spanish. Whether that's because of it's uniqueness or what I've learnt about the history of the language, I'm not sure...
  5. Just on the British Isles the number of languages officially classed as severley/critically endangered stands at 6: Cornish, Manx, Guernesiais, Sercquiais, Augeron and Jerriais. Sercquiais and Augeron will probably both be classed as extinct in 10-20 years. The influx of people to the Channel Islands from the British mainland who spoke English crushed those languages.
  6. Surely swearing in another language - or at least knowing the words - is another step forward in becoming fully competent? Each to their own I suppose. Although, I'm studying Manx and I'm not even sure there are any swear words - not that I've come across anyway.
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